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About Kiids Inc.

KIIDS INC is a local Yorktown soccer program. The company was started in 2005 by Rick Romanski who is also the President of the Yorktown Youth Soccer Club, a not for profit organization with 1200 members. The program is actively working with the current High School coaches in an effort to create a better brand of soccer in Yorktown. Various programs include soccer clinics, leagues, youth camps and team camps with an emphasis on team instruction all offered at below market prices to help promote continued participation in the world of soccer in Yorktown.

All of these programs have licensed trainers who have passed extensive background checks and are all insured by KIIDS INC.

KIIDS INC SOCCER programs start at the age of 3, our “SQUIRTS DIVISION and continue through age 19 for children. After 19 we have adult programming available for Soccer and Basketball.

During the WINTER months all of these clinics and leagues are run indoors at the Solaris Sports Clubs in Yorktown. 

The SUMMER CAMPS are run in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Dept. of Yorktown using various fields throughout the town.

The combination of training programs coupled with leagues allows your child to improve their skill level and keep in shape during the winter/summer months locally with their friends.
Rick wants to keep the kids of Yorktown playing together in Yorktown. The ultimate goal is to create a success story that rivals the sport of lacrosse in the Yorktown area.

Yorktown Youth Soccer Club

To sign up for outdoor soccer with the Yorktown Youth Soccer Club, click here to be redirected to the YYSC website.


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